Once a medic for TF Industries, this old man of a vampire has chosen to travel to Germany, his homeland, to find refuge.

Diethelm Hubbrecht


Another splendid fuck-ton of clothing references (per request).

Someone scanned this from a book called “Drawing Yaoi.”

» Real Aminals AU:


Another shadow pases over and the cat becomes distracted by the new thing moving about just outide his line of vision. It turns out to be that Person, which meant they’d find food soon. This, of course, was pretty exciting what with not previously having a specified feeding time because farms were large and sometimes tanks were forgotten (and in the blue crabs’ cases, not being sure if they’d even find food what with them being wild and all).

Still, he moves away from the glass and sits in the middle of the tank, peering up expectedly for the first ripples of contact.

He feels a shift in the water, and his eyes swivel around to see one of the blue crabs emerge from the plastic castle. Not the one afraid of cats, thankfully.

And there was movement again!  His head snaps back around to watch the small blue thing, this time, come out of the castle.  It makes him more curious.  As the small flakes of food drift down into the water, he leans up to place his front paws on the edge of the tank, tail flicking back and forth, and he mrowls another chittering noise.

The food didn’t smell as good as his, not by a long shot.  But looking more then one thing in there was interesting, he thinks.  He makes little chittering noises as the things inside the tank move about.  

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Ahmose - All grown up

Boyle Mansion (Interior)

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Ahmose - All grown up

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Strawberry & white chocolate mousse by (Leena B.)

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