Destiny | Opening Cinematic


No really, such a boner.


I had a plan and pulled through! With minor changes. Made in the order: white, orange, black, green, red and blue.

I am the cheese master.
I am not ashamed.
Will draw someone else later.


Oh man commissions though.  

I think I’ve improved from my last time that I’ve done this to maybe get some more people interested.  I usually work in a colorful style with semi realistic characters.  Please click on the samples above to see what each piece is a representation of.  All funds are listed in CDN funds and I can only accept Paypal at this time :)

Here’s a run down of what I’m offering;

Character Portrait:  $20

  • This is just what it sounds like.  The character you want drawn from their shoulders (or close to), and up.  Mostly focusing on the face.

Waist/Knee up shot: $30

  • A fuller piece of the character drawn from the area between their waist to their knees.  

Full body shot:  $40

  • All the things.  All the body parts.  Also maybe even extra body parts??? lol (Wings and arms and other such things.)

With complex backgrounds please add $5 more.

Extra people will cost an extra $5 for portraits, $7 for waists, and $10 for full bodies.  

Drop me a line here on this blog or send me an email at  Thanks for looking :)  Hope to hear from you soon. 

starryeyedbibliophile asked: "| ^o? Casually, a wild Louis appears with a tiny hat in hand, along with a small legion of cats."

Diethelm’s head turns to her and slowly his face turns into a smile and then he just starts to laugh.  The small legion of kitties at her feet is just ridiculous, but he finds it cute either way.  Ahmose, looks up from his toys and exclaims a squeel before wriggling his way over to her.  

"Nice hat."  Diethelm says between laughing. 

starryeyedbibliophile asked: "Somewhere in the castle Louis goes about locating the room of tiny hats."

Meantime Diethelm and Ahmose are having a lunch of meat and hashbrowns.  Diethelm drinks a glass of wine and Ahmose drinks a cup of juice.  They are sitting in one of the viewing rooms, relaxing.